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Expedition: Pack Your Rucksack

As part of the Expedition Award, you will need to carry everything you need to complete the 3-day expedition. This will include your tent, stove, food, clothing, etc.

The diagram below will help you pack your bag.

  1. You should check the weight of your kit. It is very important to keep the weight down in your pack. If you can find a way to save weight – do it.
  2. All your kit should be in waterproof bags inside your rucksack. Your rucksack isn’t waterproof!! If your sleeping bag and clothes get wet there is no way to dry them out.
  3. All your kit and equipment should be packed in your rucksack. If you can’t fit your kit in your rucksack please ask yourself two questions.

One: Is my rucksack big enough?
Two: Am I carrying too much? 

All your kit should be checked against the list in RED the week before you attend the event. You will not be allowed to start the event without all the items in RED