Virtual Six Summits for 2022 registration is now open! Along with the challenges for 2022

Preparation for Six Summits Challenge

The Six Summits Challenge is to challenge your Scouts and Explores. In addition, the event will help them gain knowledge that they can use for DofE and Queen Scout Expeditions in the future.

Completing over three days, walking this year’s set route and completing the Demo Bases all should always be the primary goal. However, the challenge is easier said than done and can only happen with your help. Safeguards are in place to help keep the young people on the event safe and help them get the most out of the event.

Registering Teams

The team must consist of a maximum of 8 people and a minimum of 4 in a single team. The numbers include any Leaders you wish to walk with your teams. As Leaders, you must register yourselves as staff if you are not planning on walking, as without registration, you cannot attend the event. All the teams must be registered and populated by 18th March. After this date, you will receive an invoice for payment of £15.50 per Scout/Explorer (There is no charge for leaders).

We are using OnlineScoutManager (OSM) to manage all participants and as part of the registration process. Our registration guide will take you through the steps, even if you do not currently use OSM. Registration opens on 1st January, until either we have reached capacity or 18th March.

Picking your Teams

The minimum age for walkers is 12 years. In addition, all Scout and Explorer team members must have a minimum of ‘Stage 3 First Aid‘ and complete a minimum of Stage 5 Hikes, with a minimum of 3 practice hikes between January and the event, with one on hilly terain.
Scouts teams can be registered to do the Training award or the Expedition award, but Explorers can only apply for the Expedition Award.

Required training before the Event

The scouting motto is “be prepared” this has never been more appropriate than with the Six Summits Challenge.
The following is a list of key skills that you should use to help prepare your walking teams before they attend the event.

  • A minimum of 3 practice walks (one should be on hills), between January & end of April
  • Teams should have a good knowledge of navigation and know how to read a map and use compass.
    • 6 figure grid references.
    • Points of a compass.
    • Set the map to grid north.
    • Mapping scales.
    • Understanding contours and map symbols.
    • Taking bearings.
    • Transfer a route plan to a paper map.
    • Knowledge of appropriate clothing for the weather conditions.
    • Pack their own rucksack.
  • Watch the 8 Ordiance Survey training clips from Steve Backshall with Ordanace Survey
  • Know how to put up their own tents and must do so on the event for both Training & Expedition.
  • Know how to safely use a camping stove and how to produce their own meals on it.
  • Aerosol gas stoves should not be used on the event.

Scouts and Explorers are expected to put up their own tents and cook for themselves. These skills are all part of the event and prepare them for future DofE and Queen Scout Expeditions challenges.

IMPORTANT: As a leadership team, if you cannot sign up for this, please get in touch with us, and we will remove your team.

Before the Event

5 to 6 weeks before the event, we will send you the route plan for this year’s event and information on the challenge and a kit list. You will need to make room in your programme to talk to the Scouts and Explorers about the route and their kit.

The route card needs to be completed and Ordinance Survey maps marked with the route for this year. Note, our routes change every year, so please do not rely on any previous route plan or markings.

The week before the event:

  • All foot wear should be checked, and waterproof boots with ankle support is a minimum requirement.
  • Full kit check should be done, as we will complete a full kit check before teams can begin walking.
  • All the items in RED on the kit list must be carried, and teams will not be allowed to start with out all items present with the walkers.

NOTE: A full kit check is completed at the start, emptying participants rucksacks, and all items will be checked. All items must be suitable for the terrain and varied weather conditions. The walker or team will not be able to start without passing the kit check by event staff.


The OSM booking system will close on the 18th March. After this date, the booking system will be locked. The only way changes can be made to your teams after this date is a request via the Bookings email. We will be following Government guidance regarding Covid restrictions and understand that people may need to drop out at short notice. For this reason, we will send out the invoices the week before the event.  

We would appreciate prompt payment, with details of the bank account & payment methods on the invoice with your unique reference.