2024 Event bookings are now closed

The Virtual Event (2024)

Virtual Six Summits will run between 1st May – 30th June 2024

Last year, we had close to 1000 Cubs, Scouts, Explorers, Guides, and many more participate in our virtual event!

Information for Leaders, including registration and completion forms.
(Registration Opening in April 2024)

New challenges will be updated in April 2024

2022 Virtual Event

Unfortunately, some groups haven’t made it into our face-to-face event; however, we have put together six new challenges for you to have a go at. This can be completed with your Scout Troop or Explorer Unit virtually or together at your meetings.

Complete this year’s event and earn the limited edition Virtual Six Summits badge. On completion, get your leaders to submit the evidence, and you can order them delivered at £2 each (min 5).

NOTE: Badges can only be ordered and sent to either Scout Leader, Unit Leader or Group Scout Leader with a minimum order of 5 badges.

Challenge 1Hike
Challenge 2 Meal
Challenge 3 Map Symbols
Challenge 4 Contours
Challenge 5 Camp
Challenge 6 Maps
Information for Leaders

Challenge 1

Go on a hike

With your Scout Troop, Explorer Unit, family, or friends, go on a 6-mile/10km walk.

Before your walk, you should carry out a kit check to prepare for your hike. What do you think you need for a walk out on the hills?
Here are a few items to get you started

  • Rucksack
  • Waterproof coat and trousers
  • Water
  • Snacks to eat while walking
  • What else is on your list?

We have an example in the photo. Why not create your own kit list photo?

Challenge 2

Cook a meal

Using only one pan, cook a meal on a camp stove, BBQ, or a fire.

This is excellent practice for when you are on your expeditions! How creative can you be?
Meal Ideas

Please take a picture of your cooking and maybe share it with us on social media.
How practical are your recipes for Six Summits weekend if you had to carry all your food?

Challenge 3

Map Symbols 

Can you identify the map symbols?.

Watch the video with your Troop or Unit and write down as many symbols as possible.

Challenge 4

Cardboard contours 

Can you make your own 3D model of a hill?

Using cardboard, we are looking for your own contour map. You can shape it on a hill nearby to you or look at our artistic outline from one of the summits we would normally be walking.

Challenge 5

Camp one night at camp or home

Camp for one night.

We may not be able to go to campsites, but we can find somewhere that is not our own beds. So get out of your bed and get creative!

For one night:

  • Build a shelter
  • Sleep in the garden in a tent
  • Put up a hammock
  • Make your own shelter in the garden
  • Build a den in the house.

How creative can you be?

Challenge 6

All about maps

Use the map provided in the download to complete the following tasks and questions. You will need to print the map out, or you could work on the screen. Only use the coloured area of the map and not the frosted area around the outside.

  1. Give a bearing between the phone box in Hopton Cangeford and Stoke St Milborough. Answer – A. 45*
  2. What type of church tower will you find at the church in Clee St Margaret? Answer – A -Spire
  3. What does the blue triangle with a dote in the middle represent at 554824 Answer – A – Trig point
  4. Calculate the height gain between Lodge Cottage (568804) and Weston Hill (554824) Answer – A -124m  
  5. What direction would you be walking in if you left Bouldon for Clee St Margaret Answer – A – SE
  6. Work out the shortest distance between Cleedownton (582808) and Bouldon (546851) Answer – A – 6.7km
  7. If you were to walk at 3km an hour, how long would it take you to complete this journey? Answer – A – 2hr
  8. If you were to stand on Weston Hill (554824), would you be looking up or down onto the top of the hill at 556838 Answer – A – Down
  9. How many phone boxes can you find on the map A-5? Answer – A – 5
  10. Nordy Bank fort (575847) is one of the old man-made structures on the map. What area does this Scheduled Monument cover ( Google it!) Answer – A – 7.9 acres

Click on the map image to download the full map.


Once completed, all the challenges, send your evidence to your Scout Troop or Explorer Unit leader to verify.

Your leader needs to

  • Complete our online completion form.
  • Scout Group to pay £2 per badge (min 5), plus post & packaging.
  • Pay for badges through our payment system.