Training & Expedition Registration

Limited Teams

We have a limited number of teams who can attend the physical event for both the Training and Expedition options. The teams must consist of a minimum of 4 persons and a maximum of 8, these numbers include any Leaders for the Training Event. To register your team, please complete the form at the bottom of this page. Any questions, please get in touch with Booking Team (

Registration Overview

  1. Register your team via the form at bottom of this page.
  2. Email and details of how to register team members, and adults will be sent by email (
    • We will be using OnlineScoutManager to register and manage teams and individulas for the event.
    • Leaders can decide to copy young people records or opt to create a new registration for the event.
  3. Parents and Leaders will be required to update our mandatory health & participation form via OnlineScoutManager before the event.

Process Overview


Q: What if we do not use OnelineScoutManager (OSM)?
A: You do not need to be using OSM; we have an option for attendees to register just with the event through OSM

Q: How do we pay?
A: Registering Leader will be sent an invoice and details on how to pay for the event. We will not be contacting individual team members via any other means, including OSM for Training & Expedition teams.

Q: What if I already use OSM for my Scout Group, and we want to create new records for the event?
A: Scouts and Explorers to create a new OSM record following the registration link on the self-registration page. Complete the additional registration steps from OSM registration welcome email. You do not need to create a new account, if you use the same email address already registered with OSM, then log in to OSM as you would normally. Parent portal will see a new entry ‘Scout Name’ / Registration / Six Summits Challenge. Please check and update that record.

Registration Form