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Scout Badge Matrix

Scouts who train and join the Six Summits Challenge will be working towards key parts of their badgework. We have highlighted those below that can be covered as part of the preparation and taking part.


  • By attending the Six Summits challenge this Badge is awarded on completion.


  • Take part in 4 different adventurous activities (Hill Walking) with one completed taking part in Six Summits Challenge


  • 2 of 8 nights away completed
  • Understand the 3 points in the Countryside Code
  • With others, pitch and strike your tent.
  • Prepare and light an open fire or set up a suitable stove
  • Explore the environment of your camp and make sure you know where everything is.


Be part of a Scout team, where you work together to achieve a goal.
Take Part in at least 3 team building activities that you have not tried before. (1 Completed)

Team Leader

  • Successfully Lead a Scout team at a camp or all-day event.


  • Complete two personal challenges which you and your leader agree on, with the Six Summits Challenge could be used as one of the two challenges.

Hill Walking

  • With others, plan at least 5 one day journeys of at least 14km in hilly country.
  • Using ordnance survey maps, complete all the information you need to plan the route for each journey.
  • Learn how to summon help in an emergency.
  • Complete your planned journey
  • During the journey show how, you use the map and compass
  • Before setting out, list the equipment that should be taken and explain how to use them correctly.


  • Orientate a map using either terrain or a compass.
  • Show you know the safety procedures, basic First aid, appropriate clothing and equipment for countryside navigation.
  • Show that you know the Countryside Code.


  • Lead a group of scouts in the pitching, striking and packing of a 4 to 6-person tent.
  • 2 of 15 nights away.

Nights Away

  • 2 extra Nights away


  • By attending the Six Summits Challenge this Badge is awarded Stage 3 on completion.

Hikes Away

  • Scouts/Explorers should have 5 Hikes Away before applying.
  • 3 extra Hike Away.