The training event is open only to Scouts from the age of 12. Scouts can walk with a daysack, and they also can choose a leader to walk with them.

About Training

Teams on this challenge will also need a support team to transport food, stoves & tents between campsites. Along the 36 mile route, Scouts will be trained in navigation to help them gain their Stage 3 badge.

Before Six Summits Weekend

Participants will need to complete a series of training hikes, navigation exercises, and a number of scenario hikes.

The Weekend

Throughout the weekend, the teams on this challenge will navigate through checkpoints, pitch their own tents and cook their own meals. This will be supported by young people’s leaders who will need to transport food, stoves & tents between campsites.

Join The Adventure

Get your group involved and get involved with the Six Summits adventure.