The virtual Six Summits returns for a second year running with new challenges and a limited edition badge! The challenge begins from Saturday 1st May and will conclude on Sunday 30th May. The event is ideal for running alongside face to face meetings and young people can go away and complete tasks where face to face settings are not possible.

The Badge

This year will be the launch of the new Virtual Six Summits Event. There will be a small change of £2 each which will cover the cost of the badge and also shipping. We ask that only the Section Leader contacts us and requests the badges and certificates at the end of the event. The badges will be sent to the Leader and then the Leader will need to distribute the badges local to their young people.

Contact Us

If you have any questions then please email

Next Year

We hope to return as normal next year. The event will fall from Saturday 30th April – Monday 2nd May. More details about the event will be released towards the end of the year.